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The Acuity Advantage

Acuity Capital Partners, LLC distinguishes itself by the operational, managerial and leadership talents of its partners. Together we have the ability to craft innovative financing and operational solutions depending on the specific needs and requirements of each opportunity we target. 

The partners of Acuity Capital Partners, LLC, and a small group of committed investors, have the resources to finance the equity portion of all acquisitions internally. Because we don't manage a captive fund, we are able to pursue investment opportunities that are well beyond the scope of most larger private equity firms. We are far more flexible, responsive, and agile than large captive fund.

  • We don’t have a mandatory redemption timetable. Because we utilize our own capital, we can be more patient with each investment. 
  • We are deeply committed to each investment. Because we have a vested stake in each investment, we don’t focus our resources on ‘cherry picking’ those investments that offer a positive rate of return to the General Partners.
  • We don’t have restrictions on structure or specific industries. Unlike most captive funds, we have the flexibility to craft solutions to take advantage of virtually any opportunity that we believe will provide us with a suitable rate of return. Because we don't have to get approval for limited partners, we are free to invest in any industry and in companies of any size.

Though we can finance all of our acquisitions internally, we do occasionally partner with other investors for the following reasons:

  • While we have a broad depth of industry experience and relationships, we recognize that there are other individuals/institutions that may have complimentary capabilities. It is our philosophy that by sharing the ownership of an investment, we foster a "win/win" environment for all parties involved.
  • In most situations, an all equity financing solution is not feasible. Acuity Capital Partners, LLC has a network of senior and mezzanine lenders that share our investment philosophy and criteria and are excited about participating in our transactions. By utilizing multiple sources of capital we can acquire companies in varied industries, geographies and financial performance. 

The ability to provide responsive and very flexible capital solutions with world class operational, corporate finance, strategy, and general management resources differentiates from virtually all other private equity investors. By involving a network of committed investors, we enhance the resources needed to safeguard our investments and meet the needs of selling shareholders.



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