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Investment Philosophy

Our goal is simple: to create extraordinary shareholder value by making investments in carefully chosen companies in the lower middle market in which we can leverage our strengths in strategy, operations and corporate finance with Management’s execution capabilities.  In order to achieve this goal, we seek to always act in accordance with the following five principles.

Long Term Partnership/Relationship
Our business model is based on forming long-term relationships to create win-win results for all stakeholders. We want to build solid businesses for the long term that will result in a fair rate of return for our investors rather than looking to make a short term profit. We are not limited by any liquidation requirements, allowing us to invest for the long term.

We view our reputation in the investment community as our most valuable asset. We will not compromise the trust placed in us by our investors, management, employees, business associates, or intermediaries and we will, as we always have, exhibit the utmost integrity in our actions both during and after the acquisition process.

Invest in Management
The quality of a management team is a key factor in our investment decision process. We seek to invest in quality management teams either currently at the company or, if required, we can bring in management from our network. Acuity Capital Partners will provide strategic guidance, but recognizes that the day_to_day operations should be entrusted to those who do it best, the management. In most cases, we will provide key management with equity incentives in order to become equity partners with Acuity Capital Partners.

Prudent Structure
We utilize a prudent capital structure in our acquisitions to create financial and operational flexibility. We will not jeopardize the viability of a business by using inappropriate leverage.

Create Value for all Stakeholders
Our investment approach is to create value for all the constituents involved in the acquisition process. By sharing in the success of an investment, all parties will have a common goal of building a successful business.



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